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– What is A Turnbuckle ?

Definition of Turnbuckle

Turnbuckles are manufactured globally and distributed for industries requiring jaw and claw type of steel attachments such as those found in sail rigging, construction scaffolding and many other heavy duty safety requirements.

Hook and Eye Turnbuckle Blog Image from beyondrigging, size:450*330.The principles of the operation of the turnbuckle is to have the screws operating clockwise and counter clockwise to close the eye or opening between two steel products or barrels. The turnbuckles are manufactured in:

Design of Turnbuckle

Turnbuckles can also be custom designed for particular needs of industry. They are more commonly made of steel but can be forged in iron as well. The purpose of the strong metal forged steel or iron turnbuckles is to pull tons of weight safely and surely. The turnbuckles are adjusted until the barrel is closed and the constraint tightly compressed. The turnbuckles, while essential for rigging in sails, tents, scaffolding and military uses, maintain a life saving purpose among all fields of transportation and personnel deployment.

Turnbuckles must meet the highest quality standards and regulations due to the lives dependent upon their integrity and performance. Turnbuckles are designed by the manufacturers to ease the ability of adding or releasing tension in a cable without adding unbearable stress onto eyes of the cable’s particular attachment.

Turnbuckles are sometimes used to adjust pressures on wood supports to level and straighten concrete forms in construction projects. No matter whether the contractor uses the one made for cable or designed for wood, the manner of utilizing turnbuckles is identical with each: The top and lower extensions are turned clockwise or counter clockwise so that the space within the steel barrel is closed, making the strength of the attachments adequate for the tension it is holding.

How to Use a Turnbuckle

  • Construction

Some of the important industries dependent upon the strength and durability of turnbuckles are from as light as ten grams for garden fences to extremely high kilograms for structures of supporting bridges and high rise buildings.

  • Airplanes

Turnbuckles are used in airplanes to adjust the tension on structural wires bracing wings. Turnbuckles are needed on flexible cables in flight control systems, and in both cases they are secured with lock wires or specifically designed wire clips to prevent them from turning and losing their adjusted and prescribed tension.

  • Shipping

Turnbuckles set the tension for a ship lashing and rigging. This device is sometimes called a bottlescrew in shipping.

  • Sports

Turnbuckles hold tightly the tension on the ropes in wrestling and boxing rings between the ring ropes and ring posts. The turnbuckles in these rings are covered with padding in order to protect participants. The turnbuckles come into particular play in professional wrestling where they are often put to use by participants as part of their stunt work.

  • Entertainment Stages

Turnbuckles are in all rigging performed in the entertainment industry. In entertainment, the turnbuckles are more commonly used to make small adjustments in lines. This is to make a unit sit parallel to the stage and to adjust height and angles.

  • Pipe systems

Turnbuckles are in piping systems to provide adjustments for inconsistencies. They also give a minimum amount of resistance when moving the load to support components.

The turnbuckle is one of the most essential and life saving products manufactured globally today. One cannot walk around their neighborhood block without encountering examples of various styles and strengths of turnbuckles on telephone guy wires, traffic lights and heavy duty machinery and equipment of all industries.

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